Google Ads Customer Match is a feature that allows you to upload your customer data to Google and use it to target your ads to those same customers on Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, and the Display Network. This can be a very effective way to reach your existing customers and re-engage them with your brand.

  1. In the Google Ads UI, navigate to Tools > Audience Manager > Audience Lists.
  2. Click the blue plus button to create a new audience list.
  3. Select “Customer list” as the audience type.
  4. Give it a name and save it.

Creating a GoogleAds Connection on

Go to destinations on and create a new destination. Select Google Ads as the destination. GoogleAds Selection

On the Google Ads configuration page, you need to provide a name for the destination connector and complete the authentication process using OAuth. GoogleAds Configuration

Setting up a Sync

  1. Selecting Audience List and GoogleAds Account

Once you have chosen the table schema in the source configuration, you will be directed to the destination configuration page. From there, you can select the GoogleAds account and the desired Audience List Name to which you wish to synchronize the data. GoogleAds Sync Configuration

  1. Supported Destination Modes

GoogleAds supports the following destination modes. Please refer to the Destination Sync Modes for more information on the different destination modes.

Destination ModeSupported

The picture below shows that the Mirror mode selected as destination sync mode. email has been selected as the Primary Key for the Warehouse source. The source fields email, phone_number, first_name and last_name have been mapped to corresponding fields on the destination. GoogleAds Sync Mapping

  1. Sync Schedule and Runs

You have the option to schedule the sync to run at a designated time. The image below demonstrates that the sync has been scheduled to occur every 24 hours and initiates immediately upon its creation. GoogleAds Sync Schedule

The picture displayed below indicates that the synchronization has been executed successfully, resulting in the population of the user list within GoogleAds. GoogleAds Sync Run Success GoogleAds Sync Users Populating