Introduction presents the connector, a powerful solution that enables efficient management of people objects while harnessing their invaluable data for targeted campaigns and personalized messaging. By seamlessly integrating this connector, you can elevate your customer engagement strategies to new heights, delivering exceptional results and fostering meaningful connections. Configuration

To use API through, you must create a Site ID, Tracking API Key, and App API Key. Follow the below steps to generate these keys.

  • Navigate to “Account Settings of In the API Credentials, select Tracking API Key and create Tracking API Key and Site ID. Go to App API Key to create an app API key.

Creating a Connection on

Go to destinations on and create a new destination. Select as the destination.

customerio Selection

On the next page,

  • Enter connection name, connection name can be anything that helps you to identify the connection.

  • Enter the Site ID, Tracking API Key and App API Key details from

customerio Selection

Setting up a Sync

1. Supported Destination Modes supports the following destination modes. Please refer to the Destination Sync Modes for more information on the different destination modes. ObjectUpsertSupported Identifiers

customerio Selection

2. Mapping Source Columns to Destination Fields

While creating a sync on, you can select a source table and choose the previously created Stripe connection as the destination. Select one of the channels as the destination object. We have chosen the person object for this example. The next screen lets the user map the source columns onto the fields of the Stripe object. The picture below shows that we have selected append destination sync mode. employee_id has been chosen as the primary key for the warehouse source. The source field email has been mapped to the destination field email.

customerio Selection

3. Verifying data loaded into

Subsequently, once the synchronization process is complete with, you will begin to observe the delivery statistics.

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After successful synchronization, you can verify the user details on the people page of Below is one example of synchronization where user details are synced.

customerio Selection